28 Weeks and Counting

It’s been way too long since I posted. But have you ever had a moment that sort of derailed you from living life? And then when life moved on you found yourself focusing on the day-to-day madness instead of the time you crave for yourself? Or perhaps the time you crave for yourself becomes sucked up by episodes of The Bachelorette and an embarrassing need to read Grey by E.L. James.

I can sum up the past two-plus months since I last posted in the following stream of consciousness:

20 week ultrasound, placenta previa. devastation, will I make it to my sister’s wedding? I am the matron (?!) of honor! iPad robots. tears, more tears. pelvic rest means no sex, whaaaat? will i bleed to death? what about my sister’s wedding shower and bachelorette party? 

wedding shower planning is not easy. omg one of the signs for the shower got screwed up and will the new one make it to seattle in time? damn placenta. not sure i like this little girl very much. my mom is driving me crazy. 

bliss, i’m in seattle for my sister’s wedding shower! love my sister.

tears, i’m not in san francisco for my sister’s bachelorette party. rapid-fire conversion from crib to toddler bed. tears, for mommy and baby as I walk him back to his crib for the 200th time. why do i feel like I should be at least at the 32+ week mark?

26 week ultrasound, placenta is now “low-lying.” pelvic rest persists, but we’re off to Florida on our first “trip.” could a tick have bitten me and i now have lyme disease? hubs will not disengage from nonessential work items. key lime pie. trucks and sand castles. happy baby. mommy cuddles and i-cream. 

My men and the waves.
My men and the waves.

I’m back on the wagon. I can’t zip up my bridesmaid dress, I have multiple sizes of each of the components for my son’s ring-bearer ensemble (but damn, I need to get those pink socks!), I’m desperately trying to wrap up the video I’m creating for the bride and groom, I am woefully behind on my MOH speech, and I need to research activities for the honeymooners so we can get them a wedding gift. But it will all work out, because all signs point to yes, we will be on that four-plus hour flight to Seattle in less than two weeks. Yes, I will be seven months pregnant. Yes, my two-year old will be with me. And my husband, who immediately pulls out the newspaper and his headphones the moment he sits down on a plane. And my dad, who immediately falls asleep the moment he sits down on a plane. But my baby sister is getting married and that’s all that matters!

In other news this week, I don’t have gestational diabetes (but I am anemic and need to take additional iron in addition to my prenatals – as if I didn’t need any further exacerbation to the extremely slow moving action, down there). I went to the chiropractor and she cracked the hell out of my neck (in a good way) and is working to realign my totally wonked-out pelvis, and I had a glorious hour and a half prenatal massage today. And I love my husband.

So as I am now entering the third trimester of pregnancy, I have a new project. I’m beginning to feel a bit panicked about the whole fact that I’m most likely not doing this again (hubs is apparently going for the snip as soon as I get out of the hospital), so I want to document as much as I can about this sweet time before it’s gone forever. And writing blog posts every day is just not feasible at this point.

So I’m signing up for twitter. Follow me here. My goal is to document my feelings on the pregnancy four times a day. When I first wake up, at lunch time, at my son’s dinner time, and when I head to bed. Or whenever I can remember to do this four times in a day.  Note that anyone who visits my twitter feed (is that what’s it’s called?) will also see a fabulous unedited photo of myself! And see my real name. I’ve been anonymous for so long, but I’m getting ready for the big reveal on myself and my mostly lovable family. And a revamp on this site. Coming soon, and enjoy!

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