About Smiling Mommy

Memorializing laughter, insanity, and the quiet moments that stir my soul.

My name is Emily, and I reside in Houston, Texas. I was born overseas, moved around a lot as a kid, and still get the itch every few years to try a new place, or at least take an epic trip. I’m happily married (most of the time) to the love of my life, Brady, and we have a two-year old son named Bowen.  I recently decided to leave a career and company that I truly loved to spend more time with family, and I find the priorities of individual women and the unique choices they make incredibly fascinating.

I am a lover of reading, ABC reality television, and 80’s chick flicks. The way to my soul is any sweet combining chocolate and peanut butter or a really good milkshake.

I’m an incredibly nostalgic person and fear losing all those wonderful moments in every day that make you smile, laugh or sometimes cry. I love to read and write and document moments that our fragile memories seem to forget too quickly. My dream is to write memoirs preserving at least a few extraordinary lives before they are lost forever. And maybe a trashy novel or two.

I also love working with photos and videos, that in this technology-filled day and age, are too quickly disorganized and jumbled on hard drives, phones, and clouds, but never of much consolidated use. For more on how I can help you organize and preserve those memories, please visit Smiling Mommy Productions.