SM Productions

Do you have hundreds of old photos from the pre-digital age that are now collecting dust in old photo albums or even better, shoved into boxes that are shoved into back corners of your home that you never visit?

Do you have thousands of photos on your smart phone that are rarely downloaded, if ever, to a personal computer?

Do you have hundreds of ad hoc smartphone videos of your children smiling, learning to walk, swinging at the park, and engaging in other adorable shenanigans?

Do you have thousands of photos and videos that are somewhere in limbo between your smartphone, your computer, and the cloud?

Are all of these photos disorganized, and generally, unusable? Not to mention the hundreds that should probably just be deleted!

If any of this rings a bell, I can help.

I would LOVE to help you organize and capture the priceless moments throughout time and organize them into a seamless video incorporating your favorite and precious photos and videos into a keepsake memory that you can watch time and time again.

Perfect for graduations, anniversaries, weddings, or just an annual year-end clean out of your family’s life.

More information coming soon … !