More Motivation – And a Little Miracle!

Soooooooo … something magical happened tonight. I had been out of town the last couple of days and dying to spend some extra time with Bruce. Also, pretty much only my sister knows this, but as of after the holidays, we have been officially “game-on” in the making of baby #2. I have fairly unpredictable cycles and wasn’t feeling overly optimistic about anything happening this month simply because Bruce and I passed stomach bugs and colds back and forth throughout January, plus Dean and I have both had some travel, but I was planning on taking a test on Sunday if nothing was happening down there just in case.

Got home from work, relieved our nanny, finished up dinner with Bruce and we were headed into our room so I could change out of work clothes. I had to pee, and I just all of a sudden felt the urge to use a test. Not sure why, it just felt right with just Bruce and I. I asked him if he wanted a baby brother or sister, he smiled and cackled, and I went for it. Not 30 seconds later the tell-tale two lines were there! Shaking, excited, WOO HOO! Unbelievable.

We tried to get Dean home early (I had visions of Bruce running up to him with the stick), but he wasn’t taking the bait and needed to stay out a little later. So we sent him a video, of me holding Bruce, Bruce holding the stick (and taking the pee cap on and off – yes, gross), while I prompted him to say hi (hieeee), hello (helloooo), baby (bebe), i love you (liddy-liddy), and bye (byeee). Needless to say, Dean called about two minutes after receiving the video, rushed home to bring me probably the ugliest flowers I have ever seen (but they’re kind of blue and pink, right?), and he’s out now picking me up dinner. Let’s see how long these displays of affection last!

So to my sis and dear friends that are reading this (love you) … hush hush, not a word to anyone else we know at this point, you’re in the special inner circle. I feel great, I know now that the mild crampiness I felt last Sunday was probably implantation, and I’m headed to my barre class in the morning per usual.

I am so excited. Counting down. And this just makes me so much more ready to say goodbye to corporate America. The time I spend with Bruce has been feeling more and more limited and priceless these days, and that special double-lined stick makes the next eight months with him even more precious. Can’t wail to soak up every minute. Ironically I was working out when my bonus will pay out today … end of March … counting down.

Hope everyone has had as happy of a Thursday as I have. Love your babies and your partners in life. xo

5 thoughts on “More Motivation – And a Little Miracle!

  1. Congratulations sweetheart! So happy for all the happiness you have floating around. 🙂 We are also currently trying for baby #2, and I also struggle with irregular cycles (14-19 days), but hopefully I’ll have my 2nd miracle baby soon as well. Best wishes to you!

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