Parenting Fails

When Bruce was three months old we took our first family vacation to Colorado. I use the term vacation loosely because we were attending a family wedding and inundated with in-laws, plus I quickly learned that vacation with a baby should really be called, “your everyday life, but worse due to travel, sickness, unfamiliar places, and throwing … More Parenting Fails

Will I Be a Good Mom?

Yesterday morning as I was exchanging pleasantries with our nanny Anna, she commented on how much fun Bruce has at the park with his friend Nason. Nodding along while I packed up my laptop, I smiled at the thought of Bruce getting his outdoor time and socialization with other little kids and thanked the Gods … More Will I Be a Good Mom?

Am I Losing Control if I Become a Stay at Home Mom?

Something happened this weekend that made me question my decision to stay at home. Dean got back Friday from a two-week business trip, and despite the house being a lot quieter and tidier, Bruce and I were very happy to welcome our whirlwind home. After about 24 hours of utter bliss and contentment at having my … More Am I Losing Control if I Become a Stay at Home Mom?